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Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle

Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle

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Enjoy the benefits of crystal healing with this amethyst infused water bottle. You'll want to reach for this pretty bottle all day. Holds 16.9 fluid oz of liquid, keeping you hydrated and glowing from the inside out. Amethyst promotes peace, protection and spirituality. This crystal aids in achieving higher levels of consciousness and brings clarity to a cluttered mind. Great gift idea for bridesmaids, sister, mom, co-worker, boss, teacher, mentor, friend or simple thank you present to bring some high vibration energy to elevate anyone's life!
  • NATURAL HEALING | 100% Natural Amethyst for positively charged energy anytime - at home, work, gym or when traveling!
  • PERFECT FOR GIFTING | Includes a protective neoprene sleeve in white box. Great for yourself or loved ones.
  • PURE CRYSTAL | Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It cleanses and purifies negative energies as well as offering protection against lower vibrations. Each stone is unique in color and form - just like us!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY | BPA free. Made with stainless steel and high borosilicate glass - suitable for hot or cold drinks.

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